We are aiming to lead the genomic transformation of healthcare


Our vision is:
to develop and apply sophisticated analyses of massive integrated genomic and phenotypic datasets to learn about human biology and reveal the human wiring diagram

We will lead the way through this challenge, using our expertise and experience to unleash the potential of genomics and set the standards by which organisations and patients can benefit from genomic data.


We have the experience. We have the know-how. And we have a track record of delivering.

Our academic work has been cited over 50,000 times.

But perhaps most importantly we have the right attitude to breaking down this data challenge: an attitude of constant enquiry, eye-catching integrity and a stubborn insistence on getting it just right.



Founded by four of the world’s leading genomic scientists

  • Prof. Peter Donnelly

    Founder & CEO

  • Prof. Gil McVean

    Founder & Director

  • Dr. Chris Spencer


  • Dr. Gerton Lunter


They shared a belief in the potential of genomics to transform healthcare – and 
in doing so build a better world. The four had met at Oxford University, later working together at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics.

Academic life gave them the platform to develop the best genomic approaches. And when they talked, people listened – they’ve been cited over 50,000 times.

But they wanted to ensure their ideas truly impacted on people’s lives. With the encouragement of  Genomics England – responsible for the UK government’s 100,000 genomes project –  they formed a company to combine cutting-edge science with commercial delivery.

 Genomics plc was born