Dr Daniel Swerdlow MD

Senior Physician Scientist

As a physician scientist I combine clinical knowledge and experience with genetic epidemiology expertise to contribute to the integration of genomics throughout the drug development process.

My areas of expertise lie in the application of genetics to drug target discovery and validation. In this area I have led some key advances in the the establishment of this approach. My experience as a clinician and in industry, along with my award-winning academic work, has given me a deep insight into the need for safe and effective new medicines and how genomics can contribute to accelerating their development.

My previous roles have included clinical academic training in internal medicine, including academic clinic fellowship in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. Consultant to Pfizer (2014-2016), seconded to GSK (2017). In 2015 I was awarded the European Atherosclerosis Society Young Investigator Award in Clinical Research and in 2012  the London Cardiovascular Society Young Investigator of the year.

One of the highlights of my career has been founding and developing the HERMES consortium – the largest collaborative genetic investigation of heart failure ever assembled. In addition to being a co-principal investigator for the consortium I hold an Honorary Clinical Lecturer position at UCL, and am an Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College.

In my spare time I enjoy wildlife and theatre photography, opera and cooking.