Genomics and Vertex Collaborate to Identify Target Therapeutic Pathways

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Genomics and Vertex Collaborate to Identify Target Therapeutic Pathways

Genomics’ Proprietary Statistical Analysis Tools and Integrated Multi-Phenotype Database to be used to Support Research and Development at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Oxford, UK, 04 January 2016: Genomics plc (“Genomics”), a leading analysis company developing algorithms, data resources, and software solutions to uncover the relationships between genetic variation and human disease, today announced that Vertex Pharmaceuticals will use Genomics’ integrated database and state-of-the-art analysis tools to inform its drug research and development. These tools aim to provide confidence in the rationale for targeting Vertex’s pathways of interest for the treatment of certain diseases and to identify potential safety concerns and repositioning opportunities.

Genomics has developed a unique analytical platform for genome analysis and interpretation. The platform combines proprietary algorithms and software with the Company’s integrated genome-phenome database and analytical expertise to learn about human biology. Genomics has several existing partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies, and in clinical genomics is a Platform Partner for Genomics England, the company undertaking the 100,000 Genomes Project in the UK.

John Colenutt, CEO, Genomics plc, said: “Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are increasingly using human genetic data in research to increase the chance of success in drug development. We are excited that Vertex has chosen to use Genomics’ proprietary technology, integrated database and tools to support them in this aim.”

Paul de Bakker, Ph.D., Head of Computational Genomics for Vertex said: “Vertex is focused on advancing research programs where disease mechanisms are validated by human biology. Our collaboration with Genomics is aimed at obtaining insights into the genetic underpinnings of specific targets and diseases to help predict which potential medicines may have success moving from discovery research toward patients.”


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About Genomics plc

Genomics was founded by four leading Oxford academics, including Professor Peter Donnelly, Director of The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, and Professor Gil McVean, Director of The Big Data Institute. The Company has developed a unique platform for genomic sequence data analysis and interpretation which combines world-leading expertise in statistical analysis and data mining with a unique integrated database linking genotypes and phenotypes. Genomics England, the company running the UK project to undertake whole genome sequencing of 100,000 patients in the National Health Service, has appointed Genomics plc as a Platform Partner and has also awarded the Company three SBRI grants. Genomics plc is also working with four major pharmaceutical companies to bring the benefits of genomic analysis to their drug development processes. The Company is supported by major investors, including IP Group, Invesco Perpetual, Woodford Investment Management and Lansdowne Partners.