Jeff Barrett joins Genomics plc as CSO


Jeff Barrett joins Genomics plc as CSO

Oxford, UK, 16 January 2018: We are delighted to announce that Dr Jeff Barrett will be joining Genomics plc as Chief Scientific Officer and Director.

Jeff is an international leader in human and statistical genetics. He is the Founding Director of Open Targets, an open innovation partnership focussed on improving early stage drug development, and a Senior Group Leader at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. Jeff has had a major impact in advancing our understanding of the genetics of several important human diseases, and in pioneering innovative research approaches. He has extensive experience in analysing genomic data to understand human biology, and has played a leading role in a number of major international studies. Jeff obtained his undergraduate degree at MIT and his doctorate at the University of Oxford.

Peter Donnelly, CEO of Genomics plc, commented: “We are thrilled that Jeff is joining the team. I have been fortunate to have worked with Jeff over many years, and watched at first hand his impressive leadership in our field. He is an outstanding scientist, with a deep understanding of the potential for genetics to impact on drug development. His involvement will make a big difference to our company.”

Jeff commented: “I am delighted to be joining Genomics as CSO. We are at a point where genetics is poised to transform our understanding of human biology and, in the process, ensure that drugs are developed much more efficiently. Genomics plc is extremely well placed to play a leading role in that transformation, given the scientific capabilities of the team, the scale and quality of the data assembled, and the powerful algorithms developed. I am excited about helping the team succeed in its mission”.

Jeff joins the company in March 2018.