Dr. Clare Bycroft


I use statistical and computational techniques to analyse large-scale genomic and GWAS data.

My area of expertise is population genetics, data visualisation, and analysis of genome-wide genotype data.

During my PhD at the University of Oxford I used genetic data to study the demographic history of Spain.  I also played a key role in the curation and analysis of one of the largest collections of genomic data in the world, the UK Biobank. 

I enjoy bringing science to the public, and have been collaborating with the Oxford Museum of Natural History, showing the public how we can use genetic data to learn about historical migrations and settlement.

I am a practicing artist, mostly portraits: https://portraitspace.wordpress.com/ I love the outdoors, especially hiking (‘tramping’ in Kiwi-speak) in whatever wilderness I can find.  Yoga, reading, and coffee also occupy my free time in more or less equal quantities.