Dr. Jeff Barrett

CSO & Director

I built a fifteen year career at the world's biggest academic genome centres to understand how genomics can help us figure out human disease. I see Genomics plc as uniquely placed to translate that research into improved human health, and am excited about driving our scientific strategy as CSO.

After a degree in physics from MIT I worked as a programmer and analyst during the founding years of the Broad Institute. I moved to Oxford where I received a D.Phil. in statistical genetics, and then to the Wellcome Sanger Institute, near Cambridge. I have led some of the largest genome-sequencing studies in the world, working to understand how genetic variation influences human diseases ranging from infection and inflammation to autism and schizophrenia. My academic work has been cited more than 65,000 times.

From 2015 to early 2018 I was Head of Open Targets, a unique, pre-competitive partnership of the Sanger Institute, European Bioinformatics Institute, GSK, Biogen and Takeda. Together we systematically improved the identification and prioritisation of drug targets for safe and effective medicines by combining large-scale genomic experiments with objective statistical and computational techniques. I see my move to Genomics plc as the next phase of that journey to use genomics to transform drug discovery.

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