Dr. Joshua Randall

Co-Head of Technology

I am a software craftsperson and lead our collaborative development teams to enable the cutting-edge data analyses undertaken by our scientists.

I am a technological generalist skilled in building software systems to solve real-world problems, currently applying those skills to the problem of large-scale scientific data analysis. I prefer work which draws on many disciplines simultaneously and values early creation of working prototypes followed by steady iteration towards a finished product.

I have an S.B. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT and a DPhil in Statistical Genetics from the University of Oxford. I did my PhD work in human genetics  and my previous role was leading the Human Genetics Informatics team at the Sanger Institute to analyses whole-genome sequence data for large population studies.

I have over a decade of experience in theatrical design and production and have served as Lighting Designer for both amateur and professional productions, but also have experience as Production Designer, Set Designer, Sound Designer, and Director (as well as the occasional acting gig). I’ve been involved in well over a hundred theatre and dance shows in Boston, Edinburgh, Galway, New York, and Oxford.