Dr Kevin Sharp

Senior Scientist

I develop new algorithms and computational tools for the analysis of genomics data sets

I did my PhD in the department of Computer Science in the University of Manchester with Magnus Rattray. I worked on approximate inference methods for Bayesian models for sparse factor analysis and sparse PCA. Using ideas from statistical physics we developed a new message passing algorithm for sparse PCA. This was published in the proceedings of the AIStats conference (2010). This work earned me a contributed talk at the AIStats 2010 and the best student paper prize in the Manchester School of Computer Science. Subsequently, I have had roles as a postdoctoral researcher in the Radboud University in Nijmegen and as a senior postdoctoral researcher in the department of statistics in the University of Oxford. In the former role, I conceived and developed a novel approach for searching for evidence of gene x gene interactions; in the latter I worked a number of projects including developing new methods for phasing and for multitrait genetic association testing.

I enjoy playing cricket and captain my local club side. Before pursuing a career in research, I worked as a professional opera singer for a number of years and still enjoy singing and performing in the occasional concert. Other than that, I enjoy hill-walking with my wife and messing around on our farm in North Wales, looking after our small menagerie which currently comprises a few geese, ducks, chickens and cats.