Ernesto Ocampo

Senior Software Engineer

I work on designing and engineering our massive scale population genetics analysis platform.

On a typical day I design and develop our analysis platform, creating data pipelines and services that enable robust, reliable, and massively scalable data analysis. I collaborate with our geneticists and statisticians, and integrate their work into our high performance production systems.

My areas of expertise lie in software design, engineering and algorithms. In my previous role in Genomics England, I worked engineering a workflow engine designed to run genomic data analysis pipelines. Before that, I worked several years in the field of industrial control and automation, building highly robust, real time sensor data acquisition, integration, and analysis.

I have an MSc in Computer Science from University of Oxford and a BSc in Software Engineering and Computer Science from the Catholic University of Uruguay.

Outside of work I am enthusiast of physics and life member of Oxford University Physics Society, and always up for a good tennis match.