Dr. Fernando Aguilera


I work on novel approaches utilising genetic data to improve risk prediction for complex diseases

I got my PhD from the University of Cambridge through the Wellcome Sanger Institute PhD programme where I explored the genetic architecture of a range of cardiometabolic traits (persistent healthy thinness, circulating metabolic biomarkers and fructosamine) using high-resolution genotype and phenotype data. After this I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Wellcome Sanger Institute continuing my work doing genetic studies of cardiometabolic traits. Before my PhD I did a BSc in Genomic Sciences and a MSc in Biochemistry at UNAM in Mexico. While doing my MSc, I also worked for Winter Genomics, a mexican bioinformatics start-up.

Outside of work I enjoy Mixology (specialising in Nutella martinis), de-stressing through drumming, travelling with the sole purpose of trying different food and TV/Movies.