Dr. Jonathan Marten


As part of the Therapeutics team, I apply my skills in statistical genetics to target discovery.

My PhD at the University of Edinburgh focused on the genetics of serum urate regulation. As part of the CKDGen consortium, I co-led the largest genetic study of uric acid to date, discovering nearly a hundred and fifty novel genetic associations – a fivefold increase. Following this, I moved to the University of Cambridge to work on the INTERVAL cohort, integrating RNA sequence data with other molecular phenotypes. Over seven years in academia, I have worked with dozens of international consortia and contributed to over 30 publications on conditions ranging from diabetes to depression. Now, at Genomics plc, I am shifting my focus to applied research, bringing my experience in the field to bear identifying therapeutic targets that will bring more immediate benefit to those suffering from disease. Outside of work, I enjoy trying to bring life to my small, neglected garden and building Lego models.