Dr. Reka Nagy


I use a range of data to identify new potential drug targets, figuring out new bits about human biology as I go along.

During my PhD, I studied the relationship between genetic variants and medically-relevant quantitative traits such as blood pressure and blood metabolite levels. Because I worked with family-based data-sets, in addition to GWAS, I also used and developed approaches that specifically harnessed the power of shared ancestry. I also did a lot of public engagement, and applied what I learned there when presenting my own work to scientific audiences, receiving several awards for my visually-engaging posters and presentations.

In 2016, I won the ‘I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here’ online X-factor-style competition (sponsored by the Wellcome Trust), and the ‘Publishing Better Science through Better Data’  science writing competition organised by Nature.

At the University of Edinburgh I gained both a BSc in Molecular Genetics and, swapping pipettes for programming, a PhD in Human Statistical Genetics at the MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine.

I embrace gaming, both on- and offline, together with my friends.