Roeland Mertens

Senior Systems Engineer

I am responsible for looking after the computing infrastructure, making sure it all works and building new capabilities for our teams to further develop.

My main area of expertise lies with (occasionally) breaking and (mostly) fixing systems in new and exciting ways.

Most of my career has been spent working for large internet service providers, managing complex systems and building cost-effective large scale solutions.

Prior to joining Genomics plc I worked for a consultancy firm which deployed people into a variety of system engineering roles in both the private and education sectors.

On of my proudest moments was when my boss at a previous job exclaimed “if Roeland can’t fix it, no-one can”

Out of work, when I am not being used as a chair by my cat, I de-stress by running and triathlon, a habit I’ve picked up over the last year or by burying myself in a good book.