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Genomics plc was founded by four academics from the University of Oxford – Professor Peter Donnelly, Professor Gil McVean, Dr Gerton Lunter and Dr Chris Spencer. In the early years, the team worked from a single serviced office above a pharmacist on the outskirts of Oxford. In 6 years, we have grown to more than 100 people – more than half of whom hold PhDs – and established three offices in the UK and the US.

A message from our CEO

I have always believed that understanding human genetics is the key to improving medicine and healthcare.

As an academic, I was fortunate to lead and be centrally involved in many of the national and international projects working to understand the links between genetics, health, and disease. But it became clear to me that the huge advances being made in the field of genetics were not being translated to better healthcare for real people. I had been part of an extraordinary scientific leap forward, with revolutions across biological, statistical, and data science spheres. But no-one had yet applied the science – the power of genomics – in a way that would change how we approach health and healthcare.

My co-founders Professor Gil McVean, Dr Chris Spencer and Dr Gerton Lunter and I established Genomics plc to close that gap. Our vision is to develop and harness world-leading science in genomics to change people’s lives for the better. Genetics in medicine is not merely about rare disease or major cancer genes: it is about forging new and better ways for understanding, treating, and preventing common disease.

Together, we are working towards a world in which we can understand the mechanisms of disease well enough to produce effective and tailored medicines, and one in which we routinely identify and target those people most at risk of all the common and chronic diseases. Our vision of genomic prevention is one in which doctors and health care systems can deliver care before people get sick.

I’m incredibly proud to be at the centre of this transformation, and to be leading a team of the best and brightest minds in the business, all committed to delivering healthier, better quality lives for us all.

Professor Sir Peter Donnelly, CEO and Co-Founder

Our Board

Dave Norwood

David Norwood

Chairman of the Board

David Altshuler

Dr. David Altshuler


Sally Davies

Professor Dame Sally Davies

Independent Non-Executive Director

Stephen Knight

Dr. Stephen Knight


Jim Tananbaum

Dr. Jim Tananbaum


Sam Williams

Dr. Sam Williams


Peter Donnelly

Professor Sir Peter Donnelly FRS, FMedSci

Founder & CEO

Professor Gil McVean FRS, FMedSci

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Our investors

Foresite Capital
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