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Harness the power of Genomics

Harnessing the power of genomics requires harmonising and integrating diverse data sources. Genomics leverages large-scale genetic and biomedical data with proprietary algorithms, illuminating our understanding of complex diseases to identify or validate drug targets, and stratify patient populations.

With a decade of experience generating, translating, and applying genomics-driven methods across drug development, Genomics provides partners with the broadest and deepest insights into human biology.

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Leverage Genomics’ Technology
To Illuminate Complex Biology

Target discovery and pipeline innovation

Genomics brings world-leading data and analytic capabilities. We leverage genetics, biology and AI/ML to enable the identification of both novel targets as well as genetic-driven asset repurposing where genetics can be used to support the use of existing assets for treatment of new diseases. Accelerate your pipeline development by integrating causal biology to translate insights into high-value decisions for pipeline growth and optimisation.


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Understand Patient Heterogeneity In Complex Disease

Genomics-based patient stratification

Understanding disease heterogeneity at the molecular level enables more precise population characterisation, facilitating precision medicine all the way from target discovery to clinical implementation. Genomics uses advanced methods to stratify populations using multimodal data, enabling new applications for de-risking clinical trials with more precise patient selection, discovering novel biomarkers, or developing prognostic tools for therapeutic selection in clinical care.  


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Advancing Precision Medicine

Genomics-based approaches to understanding disease pathophysiology enable the realisation of precision medicine, where therapeutic intervention can be tailored to patient subpopulations based on disease burden, likely disease trajectory, or therapeutic response. Genomics’ technology for patient stratification powers the identification and treatment of patient subgroups, enhancing the matching of patients to the best potential therapeutic at the right time.


From selecting target discovery and validation to genomics-based patient stratification, Genomics is a trusted solution to unlock the full potential of genetics across the drug development continuum.
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