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Dedicated to improving the health and lives of all

As a team, we’re passionate about the unique role that genomics can play in radically improving human health.  As experts in genomics, we are dedicated to developing technologies that harness the latest scientific advances, to transform health and lives. We are committed to work with focus and integrity, in partnership and for the benefit for all.

Working with integrity

Founded by four of the world’s leading statistical geneticists, we take a data-driven approach, working with rigour and integrity, to set the highest ethical and scientific standards and lead the way in the analysis and application of genomics. We are actively committed to the responsible use of genetic and health data in our work, meeting rigorous, independent standards, as well as applying best practice to the use and storage of data and to ethical behaviour around the use of genetic information.

Dedicated to eliminating data inequalities

We’re particularly passionate about targeting inequality in genomic data. We have best-in-class methodologies to ensure that biases around ethnicities and ancestries in data sets are minimised. Our algorithms are validated across diverse settings and contexts to ensure fairness and consistency, and we combine data from many studies, many populations, and many traits so that they remain meaningful and relevant for real-world populations with varied and complex origins.

Delivering exemplary data security and patient privacy

Our information security processes (which are ISO27001 certified) require us to maintain and continually improve our data storage and processing systems to the highest standards. We rely on the ‘de-identification’ of all the data we use. Data that has been generated by others is de-identified before we receive it. We will not, and in practice cannot use such data to directly identify any individuals. Data that we generate ourselves is also de-identified before being used in our work. The identifying information about that data is kept securely and separately from our wider processing systems.  Where necessary, we take additional steps to further ‘pseudonymise’ such data in order to protect against re-identification.