At Genomics plc we are making new possibilities in health, healthcare, and drug discovery a reality, transforming health and lives with the power of genomic prevention.


Genomics is a pioneering healthcare company that uses large-scale genetic information to develop innovative precision healthcare tools, and to bring new understanding to drug discovery. We were formed in 2014 by four world-leading statistical and human geneticists at the University of Oxford.

Our proprietary algorithms and databases can accurately link minute variation across human genomes to changes in thousands of biological measurements and disease outcomes. We generate insights for healthcare systems delivering preventative healthcare; insights for clinicians managing the risk of common diseases for their patients, and insights for pharmaceutical companies about disease processes.

About Genomics plc

Through Health & Wellness, we are leading the new area of genomic prevention: a paradigm-changing approach to sustainable healthcare which for the first time allows reliable, personalised estimates of risk for common diseases, well ahead of disease manifestation, allowing targeted interventions and tailored screening to prevent disease entirely, or to catch it early when outcomes remain favourable.

Our population health management services and clinical decision support tools bring greater, earlier and more accurate understanding about individual risk for all of the common chronic diseases and cancers to doctors and their patients.

Precision Health division

Through our Life Sciences division, we partner with leading pharmaceutical companies to incorporate deep understanding of human genetics into research and development for the discovery and validation of new drug targets.

Backed by some of the leading investors in life sciences, the Genomics team is a multi-disciplinary group of over 100 scientists, engineers and deployment specialists focused on turning world-leading science into powerful and widely applied healthcare solutions. Headquartered in Oxford, Genomics also has offices in Cambridge (UK) and Boston (US).

Therapeutics division