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A targeted, personalised approach to better health outcomes

At Genomics, our industry-leading genetic risk prediction and stratification tools can target early interventions across a broad set of health conditions, enabling you to deliver more personalised, precision health to individual patients and entire populations.

World-first trial with the NHS, HEART, demonstrated feasibility and clinical utility of Genomics cardiovascular integrated risk tool (CVD-IRT).
24% of participants had clinically significant changes in CVD risk when genetics added to QRISK in an integrated risk tool.
GPs reported they would change their management of 13% of the study population as a result of their integrated genetic risk.
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Proactive population health management

We work with and within your health system, co-developing population health management solutions to suit your needs and the needs of the unique populations you serve — including identifying high-risk patient cohorts. Our industry-leading risk stratification tools calculate risks for conditions that affect huge numbers of patients and put a heavy burden on healthcare systems, including cardiovascular disease, common cancers, autoimmune disorders, and chronic conditions such as diabetes.


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Identify and target at-risk patients for early intervention

We offer improved risk prediction through our industry-leading integrated risk prediction tools, designed to be used by healthcare professionals to assess genetic and clinical risk for multiple health conditions in individual patients. Our platform can also help you develop customisable clinical management strategies for your patients, sparking positive changes in their behavior and leading to better health outcomes.


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An integrated, secure end-to-end service

From collecting biological samples to providing clear and clinically actionable risk reports, our platform is structured and designed with the end-user in mind, meaning information is readable, concise, useful and usable. Our solution provides our partners with end-to-end support on an ongoing basis – across patient communications, genotyping, analytics and return of results.


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