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We’re powering a transformative change to health and healthcare, using targeted and personalised approaches to help patients stay well for longer

Our world-leading methods calculate risks for conditions that affect huge numbers of patients and put a heavy burden on healthcare systems. Our products cover cardiovascular disease, common cancers (including breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer), autoimmune disorders, and chronic conditions such as diabetes and COPD.

We offer novel solutions in two key areas: population health management and clinical decision support tools.

Our population health management tool can target early interventions in a broad set of health conditions.

Current risk stratification used for population health management often fails to allocate resources to patients who will benefit the most over their lifetimes. Many individuals with actionable risks for health conditions are invisible to today’s system.

Our population health management tool can help transform risk stratification by using Polygenic Risk Scores and Integrated Risk Tools to improve prediction across 10s of common diseases at a population level. Making those invisible risks, visible – for individuals and specific cohorts – allows health systems to deploy targeted behavioural and medical prevention and screening interventions, to both improve patient outcomes and use resources more efficiently.

We work with and within health systems, co-developing population health management solutions with our partners to suit their needs and the needs of their patients – including identification of ‘high-risk’ patient groups. We offer risk stratification as a continuous service and provide periodic updates to our algorithm to ensure our partners always have access to the latest scientific developments. Our solution provides our partners with end-to-end support on an ongoing basis – across patient communications, genotyping, analytics, return of results, and genetic counselling as required.

Our clinical decision support tools assess single disease risk in individuals, enabling more personalised and precise advice.

Existing clinical decision support tools today are limited to contextual or phenotype data – or at best biomarkers or large-effect genetic variants – that do not fully capture risks for a health condition. We offer improved risk prediction through our clinical decision support tools, designed to be used by healthcare professionals to assess genetic and integrated risk for a single health condition in individual patients – for example, cardiovascular disease or common cancers, such as breast and colorectal cancers. This allows clinicians to develop early, personalised clinical management strategies with patients and may also support and encourage positive changes in patient behaviour.

Integrated, secure, end-to-end service for healthcare providers and payers.

We offer an integrated and secure end-to-end solution to our healthcare partners – from collecting biological samples to providing clear and clinically actionable risk reports. Our reports are structured and designed with the end-user in mind, meaning information is readable, concise, useful and usable.