Our solutions empower everyone – patients, practitioners, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and payers – to make genomically-powered decisions for longer, healthier lives

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Precision Health

We’re bringing genomic prevention to healthcare, improving the health of entire populations through the advanced estimation of personal disease risk.

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Genomics Therapeutics


We’re transforming the discovery and development of new medicines with new biological insights.

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“Genomics plc’s platform unlocks knowledge from population-scale genetics to make drug discovery and development more efficient. Peter Donnelly, a world-class scientist in this field, has built a stellar team of scientists and engineers, and we look forward to seeing what they will accomplish for patients in the UK and around the world.”

“Human biology and genetics are a foundation of drug discovery at Vertex and the team at Genomics plc brings together a unique combination of sophisticated data science and human genetics. Our partnership with Genomics plc pioneers new uses of genomic tools and technologies to advance Vertex’s ongoing work and investment at our Oxford Research Site and globally to bring new medicines to the patients that need them.”

“The world-class team at Genomics plc have made great strides since the company’s inception. Genomics has the potential to improve the quality of delivery of health care and have significant impact on the development of breakthrough drugs.”

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