Published 28 Mar 2018

We are delighted to announce the opening of our second office, in Cambridge UK. Our new space is in Wellington House on East Road in the historic heart of Cambridge (and just a throw-in’s distance from Parker’s Piece, the birthplace of the rules of Association Football). The Cambridge office is home to our CSO, Jeff Barrett, who joined this month from his role as Founding Director and Senior Group Leader at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Cambridge has a long history in the field: R.A. Fisher unified the theories of Darwin and Mendel, Watson and Crick, together with Rosalind Franklin, discovered the structure of DNA, and Fred Sanger developed the means to sequence it. The Sanger Institute was critical to the sequencing of the human genome, and collaborations between Cambridge and Oxford underpinned a decade of human genetics discovery. We are excited to expand to this historic city to build our world-leading team to transform drug discovery through genomics.

As part of our expansion into Cambridge, we recruiting new members of the team with expertise in statistical genetics, big data analysis and high throughput genomic data generation. Interested individuals should contact